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Carlo D'Orta (Florence, July 17th 1955)

Carlo D'Orta (Florence, 1955), traveler and photographer, specialized at the Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) and a subsequent Master in Photography at the IED in Milan, a path that brought him closer to a metaphysical photographic vision, tending towards abstraction.
He prefers the architecture, focusing on the decontextualization of the details and on the deformations produced by the glares and windows reflections. It exploits particular perspectives of shooting compressing the depth through a strong zoom that crushes the plane and gives compositions of abstract geometries. The reminiscence of cubism and constructivism appears with deep references to Malevic, Mondrian and Rothko.


Honos Art - Contemporary Art Gallery

Honos Art, Gallery of Contemporary Art in Rome, was born from the need to offer its own interpretation of the artistic panorama, through the works of a solid and cohesive group of great artists. An art gallery in which the liveliness of young people is combined with the experience and mastery of the greatest, to guarantee the collector research, quality and artistic uniqueness. Our mission is respect for the artist and his creativity as well as the great attention we pay to the needs and desires of the collector, reducing physical barriers and crossing geographical boundaries, to transmit the poetics of art to those who are fascinated.


Hutong – Oriental Antiquities and Art

Hutong is a gallery of antiquities and oriental art created by Pietro Sella in the historic center of Rome, in the characteristic Via dei Coronari at number 55 A, in the Ponte district, a stone's throw from Castel Sant'Angelo and Piazza Navona. Pietro Sella, a Milanese lawyer and a passionate art collector, has been visiting the East for several decades in search of carefully selected antiques and art objects with meticulous care. Inside Hutong, you are surrounded by ancient and rare Chinese furniture and paintings, artifacts dating back to the most representative dynasties, tame jewels and boxes of great value and also fascinating and unusual objects. Recognized as one of the landmarks of Eastern art in Rome, the Hutong Gallery treats Chinese and Tibetan antiques and ancient objects ranging from the 7th to the early 20th century.


Castaldi Gioielli Design

The history of Castaldi Gioielli - whose legacy goes back three generations - is imbued with the passion for the ancient art of jewelery. The creation of exclusive pieces has built the solid reputation of the Atelier Castaldi, located in Rome, in the Parioli area. Over time, it was appreciated by the elite first Roman and then the Italian and was also chosen for the creation of precious jewels, to be offered on institutional occasions, both by the City of Rome and the Presidency of the Republic, for gifts intended for foreign state. Who enters the world Castaldi has the opportunity to materialize their jewelry following the personal taste, realize a dream or give one to a loved one, with the knowledge that there will never be another one. In addition to experimenting with new forms and playing on the combination of the tones of the stones, the maison focuses on the personalization of each individual jewel, which is transformed into a unique preciousness to wear and to live.


Zannetti Handmade Watches

The story of Riccardo Zannetti is daughter of a great passion in the field of watchmaking born at the turn of the century, when Carmine Zannetti, master goldsmith and passionate about fine mechanics, gave life to that extraordinary adventure of technical perfection and design that is the essence of Zannetti's creations today. He will succeed Mario Zannetti, full professor of design and international artist. His geometric lines still influence daily production, in particular his passion for complex mechanical mechanisms. Thus, Riccardo Zannetti inherited an important cultural commitment to which he skillfully combined the talent and perfection of a great great artist, as he is. The historic laboratory has been transformed into a state-of-art design studio, where we continue to cultivate a tradition that began 500 years ago, with the aim of spreading Italian creativity all over the world.


Association Terra di Amatrice Onlus

On the 11th of November 2016 we established the Association Terra di Amatrice Onlus. We all have our roots that sink deeply into the territory of the Amatrician basin and we all had our homes destroyed or seriously damaged by the two earthquakes. Our relatives, friends, acquaintances who did not want or could leave Amatrice are the people with whom we have shared our whole life. They have remained and guard the territory with dignity and firmness. With the pride of people used to sacrifice themselves and roll up their sleeves and not needlessly shed tears. They do it for themselves and they do it for us, for us all. Because Amatrice, one of the beautiful villages of our tormented Italy, does not become a ghost town and can come back to life by returning to being the beautiful first Amatrice.

The Salt Club

The Salt Club stems from the great passion of Paolo Santoro towards the Sale, which he loves to treat as "Living Element", generated with the contribution of three magical and powerful elements of nature: the "Moon", which with its energy raises the sea to then let it enter gently through a myriad of channels in the pools or salting tanks, the "Sun" which with its warm energy allows the water of the sea to slowly evaporate and finally the "wind" that must never be intense, to give way to water to be cradled with a light movement. The Salt Club will not only sell the Fleur de Sel rather than the Sale Grosso, but will also tell the story of the people of each Salina, that this incredible product of the sea cultivates.