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Privacy policy statement pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree No. N. 196/2003 on the protection of personal data.

For the execution of the ongoing contractual relationships with you, Auction Affair S.r.l. is or will be in possession of your data, which may also be acquired verbally, directly or through third parties, and that are qualified as "personal data" by Legislative Decree No. 196/2003.

Such legislation first requires that the entities processing personal data must inform the concerned party about the type of data to be processed and about certain elements concerning the process, which in any case must be carried out according to the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency thus protecting your confidentiality and your rights. Therefore, according to the provisions of article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 we are hereby providing you with the following information:

Nature of the data processed

  1. We process your personal identification data as well as fiscal and financial data that are necessary for the performance of the contractual relationships in place with your Company.
  2. We are not in possession of any of your sensitive data or criminal records data pursuant to Article 4, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003.
  3. In order to perform specific processing of some of your data, you must provide us with your authorization to process them by issuing a statement.

Processing purpose

  1. Your data are processed according to the contractual requirements and consequent fulfillments of the legal and tax obligations as well as to allow an effective management of the financial and commercial relationships.
  2. The data will be processed for the entire term of the contractual relationship and even subsequently, for the fulfillment of legal obligations and for administrative and commercial purposes.

Processing methods

  1. The data processing is carried out by using means and procedures suitable to ensure data security and confidentiality and may be carried out both manually on hard copy and through electronic means.

Obligation or right to provide the data and consequences of a possible refusal

  1. Concerning the data that we must know in order to fulfill the obligations required by laws and regulations as well as by European Union legislation, or orders issued by Authorities authorized by law and supervisory and control bodies, failure to provide us with such data will lead to the impossibility of establishing or continuing the relationship, to the extent that such data are necessary for the implementation of said relationship.
  2. Regarding the data that we are not obligated to know, but that are necessary and preparatory for the implementation of the obligations and management of the relationship with the sellers and purchasers or to verifications and assessments of the sales relationship, failure to provide us with such data will lead to the the impossibility of establishing or continuing the relationship, to the extent that such data are necessary for the implementation of said relationship.
  3. Regarding the data we are not obligated to know, failure to obtain them will be assessed by us from time to time, and will determine the resulting decisions based on the assessment of the importance of the data requested and that you did not provide to us.

Communication and dissemination

  1. Your data will not be "disseminated" by us with such term meaning that we will not make other unspecified parties aware of your data in any way, including making them available or open to browsing.
  2. Your data may, however, be “communicated” by us with such term meaning that we may disclose your data to one or more of the following specified parties:
    1. to individuals within our Company in charge of processing your data, and in particular to the employees of the administrative office, sales office, technical and production departments;
    2. to individuals who may access the data by virtue of law, regulations or European Union legislation, within the limits established by such regulations;
    3. to individuals who need access to your data for purposes ancillary respect to the relationship between you and us, within the limits strictly necessary to carry out the ancillary tasks entrusted to them;
    4. to our consultants, within the limits necessary to carry out their tasks at our Company, upon a letter of assignment imposing confidentiality and security obligations in the processing of your data.

Your rights

  1. Below we report an excerpt of article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 to remind you that you can exercise the following rights toward us:
    1. to obtain the confirmation of the existence of your personal data, even if they are not yet recorded, and intelligible communication of them and their origin, as well as the purposes and methods of processing and the logic applied in the case of processing carried out with electronic means;
    2. to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data unlawfully processed, including data whose storage is not necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
    3. to obtain the update, rectification and integration of your data;
    4. to oppose, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, the processing of your personal data, as long as they are pertinent to the purpose of the collection.
    In order to exercise these rights, you may contact Auction Affair S.r.l. by writing to the e-mail address:

Data controller and Data Supervisor

  1. The data controller of your personal data is Auction Affair S.r.l., via delle Arti 11, 74015 Martina Franca (TA), C.F./P.IVA 03118910730.