Auctions » The Way of Tea: Art and Antique from China, Tibet and Burma

Auction no. 6-2018

05/10/2018 from 15:00 GMT

Auction in four sessions: see complete catalog for more information.

The Way of Tea: Art and Antique from China, Tibet and Burma

"My name is Pietro Sella and I have been a dealer in Oriental Art since 1987.

In that year I was to China for the first time. There, I discovered an extraordinary country with one of the richest cultures and exceptionally beautiful art. 

China is a wonderful country with over than 5000 years of history. I have traveled to the East for different trips, visiting countries like Indochina, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam; but China has always been my main point of interest.

Both Oriental and Chinese art in particular had an incredible development: think about all the objects now considered common like China patterns, furniture and paintings.

Collectors around the world bought up these marvelous pieces, with English and French being the first.  Italians are just as good and that's why we have extraordinary collections. Giuseppe Tucci, one of the greatest sinologists of this past century, is Italian. His incredible collection is stored in Rome in the Museum of Oriental Art.

The Chinese, after the revolution and communism, have become avid collectors, buying important pieces in the international and internal markets.

This Chinese chest is a particularly  important piece. It is the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, around the end of 1600. In China, only an important family of the highest imperial officials or rich traders could afford a chest like this. It is a wood chest lined with rattan and lacquered. The finish on the rattan,  when you touch it, give you an extraordinary feeling.

This is what I meant when I was talking about life of the objects. It is an interest coming from art, from the intrinsic characteristics of this object.

Actually, the most beautiful oriental pieces are extremely simple; their harmony makes them look contemporary and yet, they often go back hundreds of years."

75 | Buddha head - Burma - 19th century

Estimate: 1600 - 2400 EUR

92 | Trunk - Tibet - 19th century

Estimate: 800 - 1200 EUR

128 | Pan Yue - Photography, 2006

Estimate: 700 - 1050 EUR

129 | Pan Yue - Photography, 2006

Estimate: 800 - 1200 EUR

130 | jiang Congyi - Chaos 1 - 2006

Estimate: 4500 - 6750 EUR

132 | Susan Li - Dark night - 2006

Estimate: 1000 - 1500 EUR

137 | Food bowl - Burma - 19th century

Estimate: 900 - 1350 EUR

144 | Jar - Burma - 19th century

Estimate: 300 - 450 EUR

151 | Trunk - Burma - late 19th century

Estimate: 2500 - 3750 EUR

157 | Monk - Burma - late 19th century

Estimate: 1400 - 2100 EUR