Registered Office

Via delle Arti, 11
74015 Martina Franca, Taranto, Italy


Via Federico di Palma, 129
74123 Taranto, Italy

Auction Affair is the only Italian auction house operating exclusively on the Web, through a free app that gives to all the registered users the opportunity to participate in online events from all over the world. A "convenient" purchase experience and a cutting-edge technology system: a fantastic mix. All auctions by Auction Affair will be available on the website and the most important live auction platforms (LIVEAUCTIONEERS, INVALUABLE). In addition, for the first time, an Italian auction house will broadcast live streaming auctions on the most important Asian live auction platforms, such as 51BIDLIVE.

Auction Affair can set up auctions anywhere: the events broadcast on the Web may take place in an enclosed or open-air environment, assessing from time to time the needs of the customers, including whether or not to move the items to be sold. Combining clarity in communication and organizational straight-forwardness with a touch of showbiz.