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Auction no. 6-2018

05/10/2018 from 16:30 GMT

Auction in four sessions: see complete catalog for more information.

Wines, Distillated Spirits, Collectibles Champagne

"My name is Renato Reno. I'm wines expert.

I've been working in this field since twenty years. I deal mainly with vintage and wines, champagne, very rare spirits.

As for example these champagne that are so fashionable at this moment, like Armand De Brignac in these great sizes, this is a Blanc De Noir, a beautiful bottles that are so trendy and are in great demand worldwide, especially in exclusive parties, in the most inn nightclubs etc.

A lot of sizes, quite big, like this one which is a three liters, a Jéroboam, are beautiful bottles that have a good value in the market.

Or some old Italian wines, like this Barolo or Chateauneuf Du Pape, wines from the Rhone 55 and a chest of Chateau Margaux from 1978 for a birthday, 12 bottles, original case with perfect levels, the labels are a little discolored, but we can clearly reads the vintage "1978".

Dom Perignon produced with Andy Wharol these particular labels of different colors in 2000-2002; are limited edition, very difficult to find. Obviously with a sophisticated packaging green, blue, yellow... awesome.

These are the greatest wines of the world: Romanée Conti of 1929, a perfect bottle, level and very dark color, label in excellent condition.

The greatest Bordeaux wine, Petrus, an exceptional vintage 1989, rare and very popular. we also have Magnum formats of Petrus , various vintages.

Here we are: a Mathusalem of Champagne Carbon: an identical bottle has been uncorked on the Formula 1 podium in Montecarlo; so it is a 6 liter Carbon Mathusalem bottle, wonderful, rare and in perfect condition.

In addition to the wines... whiskey, rhum, the great Port Ellen, the Linkwood, or the Japanese world champions at the latest tastings. There are also very old cognacs like this Ennessy that was used by the Napoleonic forces. And as we are in a year ending in 8, a Brandy Solera of 1958."